Bamboo Health and Wellness Balance Out Life

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  • 9th March 2017

Desire for a balanced life inspired new Plymouth business, Bamboo Health and Wellness.

Bamboo Health and WellnessThe principles of mindfulness and incorporating health and wellness into a busy lifestyle has been the source for an inspirational health and wellbeing business which has just started – thanks to the extra boost of having a virtual office at Plymouth Science Park.

Bamboo Health and Wellness takes a holistic approach to improving our health through its excellent variety of products – everything from supplements and herbal teas through to a range of e-books and guides for yoga together with meditation.

“The business is designed to help you become healthier each day,” explains owner Kristiina Gwynne. “It’s all about making little changes to your daily life, such as swapping your snacks for healthier alternatives which will improve your overall health. It also supports those who are following a lower carb, lower sugar or vegan lifestyle by offering a range of tasty snacks and supplements. We also have digital products which can help people incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

“Being able to meditate only takes five to ten minutes but can have massive improvements for your day as it’s surprisingly easy to learn how to do it.”

Kristiina’s on-line store makes it easy for you to find these healthier products and there are a wide range of vitamins, superfoods, protein powders, healthier snacks and a vast array of drinks. They also have collections which focus on specific areas such as boosting energy or reducing anxiety and helping you to relax.

Bamboo Health and Wellness also hosts free courses designed to help you improve your fitness in a gradual fashion. In March, it’s running a scheme which aims to improve your fitness and wellbeing over the course of the month (more details can be found on its website).

Kristiina is delighted to be connected to Plymouth Science Park through a virtual office. PSP has a number of “breakaway” areas specifically designed to engender a sense of peace and calm.

These places are specially created to allow people to reconnect with nature – the terrace around the pond at the onsite café boasts spectacular views towards the city which can allow creativity to flourish for all staff members who enjoy working at the PSP site.