BASF Watertight Concrete Animation

Animation company flies around the South Bank

Full Rotation is a small animation company but have been lucky to work on some big projects for larger companies. Recently a marketing company chose us to produce a 3D animated short film showcasing new watertight concrete technology for their large construction client BASF.

We built their construction site of London south bank in 3D and fly the camera around to different locations explaining how the technology works. At one point we zoom the camera inside the wall to a molecular level, things like this can only be achieved with animation and are much more effective and more interesting for the viewer.

Working remotely from Plymouth for our client in London and some of BASF’s bosses in Germany the whole process went smoothly. Impressing other departments of their corporation abroad proving that they do not need a large animation studio to produce such projects and got a personal touch from us.

You can see the short 4 minute video here:


They also produced the animated intro for the new Pirelli calendar:


Whatever size company we can produce high quality 3D animation like this or 2D motion graphics.

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