Plymouth Science Park Office Space Brochure

PSP’s business support and advice contributes to an average growth rate of 30% p.a. for Park tenants.

Business Advisory Board

Plymouth Science Park Advisory Board was formed in 2013. It consists of a diverse pool of high quality business advisers with experience in many different disciplines, market sectors and geographies and has been assembled to provide expert advice to high growth businesses.

The Business Advisory Board goes way beyond the standard “coaching/mentoring” offerings and is a truly innovative business support package.

Up to 100 hours of business advice and coaching is available for businesses that reside on the Park.

Helping you grow your business

Plymouth Science Park’s ethos is to support the growth and success of our tenants. Our Advisory Board has worked on a wide range of assignments including business plans, strategy development, accessing funding or investment, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and product development.

This support is funded by the Park and is a significant factor in the success of early stage businesses. This in turn contributes to an average growth rate of 30% p.a. for our tenants.

When this advice is in relation to raising finance or a potential share sale, asset sale or listing, there is a charge back to PSP to be reinvested back in the Advisory Board, otherwise PSP pays for the advisers time.

"Moving to the Science Park has profoundly influenced the growth of our company. Apart from the feel and style of the physical context there’s the sense of being part of a hub of creativity. Like minded, ambitious but cooperative organisations in various stages of birth and rebirth all under a collection of fancy curved roofs! What could be better?"

− Adrian Emerson, Coleridge Productions

"Being located in the South West and having access to a facility like this is very important. It doesn't make you feel small and that is key to start up your business."

− Nick Palfrey, Real Visual

Your business evolution starts here…

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