Money Saving Heating Scheme Expands Plymouth Success

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  • 9th May 2017

Helping people save money on their heating bills is proving to be so successful that the company overseeing the government backed scheme is expanding its premises at Plymouth Science Park.

Carbon Saving Group

Carbon Saving Group Ltd (CSG) moved into the 25 acre PSP site, based at Derriford, at the start of this year and its services have become so popular that it’s looking to increase its staff numbers to help deal with the volume of enquiries.

CSG uses nationally available grant money to install energy efficient heating and insulation for tenants, landlords and Homeowners – so helping the environment and saving you cash.

“People can receive a completely free OIL or LPG boiler if they meet the correct criteria, including being in receipt of benefits, such as Child Tax Credits, Job Seekers Allowance Working Tax Credit or State Pension Credits and many more,” explains CSG’s Kodi Burton. “We put forward applications, which, if successful, can see people receive a free OIL or LPG boiler with parts and labour included. Enquiries for our services have gone through the roof since the start of the year,” adds Kodi. “The scheme has altered over the past few months to help people who are on job seekers allowance. A family can now qualify for help if they have two adults earning a joint income below £28,000 a year. A single parent family with earnings below £17,400 can also qualify. The amount vary depending on the number of children”

CSG’s scheme means people on low incomes, who are Homeowners, landlords or tenants, can really benefit from their work. The team has helped families across Devon and Cornwall.

About Carbon Saving Group

The company has been operating for around 18 months and is looking to expand its office based staff at its PSP headquarters. They can draw upon the expertise of three engineers who are fully qualified and able to fit domestic appliances to exacting specifications.

CSG can directly tap into government grant money specifically designed to help reduce your carbon footprint and so improve the environment – both at home and further afield.

The company uses ingenious renewable technology to save you cash, plus they can install everything from double glazing through to the air source heat pump which uses high tech gadgetry to boost the temperature in your home.