Gammaray Creative Beams Success Working with Upcoming Designers

By 9th January 2018PSP In the News

Gammaray Creative launches a new scheme to help artistic talent in Devon

Gammaray Creative

“We aim to run courses for people less fortunate than ourselves,” says Troy Woodhouse, Director of Gammaray Creative.

A new venture, which aims to help artistic talent in Devon, is being launched by a creative company based at Plymouth Science Park. Gammaray Creative will work with upcoming designers, who may have hit hard times but who are all keen to build up their portfolio.

“We aim to run courses for people less fortunate than ourselves,” says Troy Woodhouse, Director of Gammaray Creative. “One area we plan to focus on is helping homeless people to tailor courses for an individual’s needs which can be very beneficial for them.”

“It allows an opportunity for their talent to develop, their ideas and enthusiasm can also grow and, at the same time, they produce some fantastic work for a large number of firms.”

Gammaray Creative aims to start its workshops in the New Year and its students will be actively involved in a number of ‘live’ jobs. The company is currently working with 50 different businesses by providing design work for a range of products – from stationery to bill boards.

Troy envisages the workshops will allow his team to develop strong brand strategies by thinking through concepts and developing them in a positive, solution focused fashion.

“The idea of the workshops is to listen to ideas and allow people to flourish. In the past, I’ve worked with youngsters in Cornwall who were struggling to get jobs but, by encouraging enthusiasm, we were able to ensure each person had an input and felt valued.”

“I am a firm believer in helping others. It’s doing something good and it’s about using my talents and strengths to better people’s lives.”

“Basing the workshops at Plymouth Science Park ticks all the right boxes. The rooms are a perfect size and the on-site facilities are excellent. The surroundings are peaceful and allow for creative reflection – with plenty of woodland, a pond, bistro and ample parking.”

Gammaray CreativeTroy has been a graphic designer for 20 years and ‘learnt from the best’ during his time with a regional company which catered for national and international clients.

“It’s really important to spend time with a client and to get to know them and their brand strategy so we can produce a quality design which encapsulates what they’re about and what they do,” he says. “We work on all aspects of design, from advertisements through to e-mail signatures.”

Troy is also involved in raising money for charities following the creation of ‘Unity through Basketball’ which, he hopes, will be broadened to encompass other sports. The group has gained hundreds of followers on social media and aims to help a variety of charities – including ones which support people affected by brain tumours.

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