Hi–Tech Website Firm Scores Success at PSP

Hi–Tech website design company, Two Superior, develop new app

Two Superior logoAn expanding website design company is putting the finishing touches to a unique and advanced web application which could revolutionise booking and management tasks – ensuring company time is used effectively with no clashes in schedules.

Two Superior, based at Plymouth Science Park, is currently expanding its premises and is also increasing its staff numbers to meet the growing demand for its services.

The team ‘tailor make’ websites to the exacting specifications of the client so creating unique and stunning sites. They are currently working on a flexible online booking system which could be applied to any business – by managing staff and resources with the aim of making the office environment more efficient.

The cloud-based web application will be able to deal with everything from quickly resourcing meeting rooms through to speeding up the process of booking a taxi which will assist drivers and their fares.

The company’s reputation for providing strong internal communication links for staff has continued to grow, its work has been implemented by a number of national companies to the benefit of more than 1000 employees across the UK.

Two Superior has also developed a web application in partnership with a local charity, designed specifically to help volunteer centres match volunteers for suitable roles advertised on-line.

The company started at Plymouth Science Park in 2013 and its staff credit their successes to the excellent support provided by the on-site management team and also the roles played by PSP’s mentors.

“The experience and knowledge at Plymouth Science Park is immense among other on-site firms involved in the sphere of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,” says Richard Davey, Director and Senior Developer of Two Superior.

“The combined knowledge of all of these teams allows for growth, opportunities and discussion of ideas. It also leads to the creation of those all-important ‘light bulb moments’ which can make crucial differences for business in this sector.”

“It is a prestigious location with outstanding facilities and a large range of comprehensive services available for employees. As we grow so we have found it easy to switch to new, larger facilities, which, in turn, will further assist our growth.”

Two Superior’s reputation continues to expand with its expertise centred on helping companies to grow their portfolio of staff benefits: from upgrading management systems through to providing ‘sales leader boards’ and the provision of internal certificates for employees undergoing Career Professional Development.



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