High Tech Chip Firm, Moortec, is Market Leader

By 2nd September 2017PSP In the News

The ever-growing demand for advanced technology is enhancing the reputation of Devon based Moortec as a world leader in the nanotechnology industry.

Moortec Semiconductor_DSC7279 provides monitors and sensors found within today’s cutting-edge silicon chips, helping to increase their reliability and performance.

The company, sited at Plymouth Science Park and specialists in embedded in-chip sensing, produces designs which can be found in a number of consumer applications including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and digital TVs.

Moortec’s sensors are designed for technology which have features that are measured in tens of nanometres, a nanometre is one-billionth of a metre. To put this into perspective, a human hair is between 80,000 to 100,000 nanometres wide.

Monitoring the conditions within microchips has become essential in the modern digital industry. The main challenges are performance (for power or speed) and the reliability of the device. Moortec’s products address these challenges, which are faced by many different industries across the globe. Moortec has made huge advances in the semiconductor industry – thanks to it’s highly skilled team of Plymouth based designers, technicians and engineers.

Working with the latest technology they have identified a niche in the market and continue to push the limits of design and innovation. Moortec has a highly skilled team of 23 and trade globally with clients based in the US, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Israel.Moortec

“California’s Silicon Valley is certainly an important location for us in terms of key customers, we are also expanding into new areas of the market such as Automotive and the Internet of Things (IoT) which refers to connecting all manner of devices to each other via the internet,” says Ramsay Allen, Vice President of Marketing at Moortec.

“Being the only company dedicated to in-chip monitors, we are able focus all of our energy and expertise into providing highly accurate, highly featured products which address the challenges associated with advanced node chip design.”

“Being based at Plymouth Science Park is important to us. It’s very name is synonymous with cutting edge technology. As an expanding and progressive tech firm, Moortec were looking for a suitable location that would reflect our values and ethos.”

“We felt the park offered just such an environment, placing us among other like-minded local companies.”

The team are currently augmenting their HQ at Plymouth Science Park as the excellent facilities, and strong on-site science based community, ensure their continued success.



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