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Inspirational, thought provoking and emotive films are being produced thanks to the key ingredients of aerial footage mixed with top notch planning and high production values. BlinkBack, a local media company, with offices at Ashburton and Plymouth Science Park, are currently producing a number of films for its growing array of clients.

Blinkback video marketingThe team are mainly sited within Dartmoor National Park – a key location where the stunning, unique wilderness often acts as an eye-catching backdrop to their films. Filming within its boundaries can be complex, due to the nature of the multiple land ownerships which exist.

BlinkBack aims to quickly gain the necessary permissions to film having developed excellent relationships with both local authorities and Dartmoor National Park.

“We enjoy producing high end production work and having a base in Dartmoor National Park ensures we are very familiar with where we can and where we cannot film within this amazing location,” says Founding Director David Kilkelly.

“But beyond this our skills focus around helping businesses communicate both simple and complex ideas to wide audiences.”

“It’s often very hard to see your business objectively and we help by finding the core message, distilling it and presenting it in a format that is easy to consume. This allows potential clients to quickly grasp the idea.”

The team were initially drawn to the excellent facilities at Plymouth Science Park and found the on-site ‘buzz’ combined with mentoring has allowed them to create partnerships and expand as a business.

BlinkBack has been producing films for the past five years and is rapidly gaining an excellent reputation for its usage of aerial footage and story led productions.

“We’re CAA licensed and insured to work with drones which provides our projects with a strong visual aesthetics. We also focus on the power of emotion to encourage people to become engaged with the story we are telling.”

“If a business is talking about what they do, it can be quite dry, it’s often better to show what drives them and what their passion is all about. These are the components that audiences connect with”.

Clients include: Visit Devon, Visit South Devon, Teignbridge District Council and law Clients include: Visit Devon, Visit South Devon, Teignbridge District Council and law firm Stephens Scown.

For more information:

Contact: David Kilkelly, BlinkBack on 01364 550590. ·

E-mail: hello@blinkback.co.uk

Website: www.blinkback.co.uk


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