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By 12th July 2017park news

Clever Human Resource Platform & Employee Benefits Technology

Human Resources platform

It’s been said that your employees are your greatest asset. A happy employee will render a happy customer. The time and money lost through manual or outdated HR management systems could cost your company dearly.

When it comes to Employee Benefits, it is important to have a system that provides choice and flexibility to your employees, as well as supporting your business.

With Eppione you can rest assured that we have you covered. Our online HR and Employee Benefits solution allows your staff to manage their time, development, and select the benefits they want via a unique and personalised portal.


Employees spend a major part of their life at work and are increasingly reliant on their employer’s ability to provide – directly or through a third party – a wide range of comprehensive employee benefits, as well as to keep accurate records, comply with legal requirements, and give high quality training. If an employer is using the Eppione system, their employees can rest assured that they will have access to all of the above. The Eppione system allows employees to manage every aspect of their work life from anywhere in the world. Request annual leave, explore training and development opportunities, review Employee Benefits, and more!

Even something as simple as changing an address or finding another employee through the staff directory can be completed via a user-friendly custom designed online portal or by using the Eppione phone app.


  • Store and access all employee data and files
  • Effortless communication of benefits through the employee portal
  • Employees select and modify benefits at the employer’s discretion
  • Employees gain access to a unique range of tools such as personalised training, individual and family cash flow modelling, and comprehensive financial advising

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