Northern Light TV Lands at PSP

By 3rd May 2017PSP In the News

Internet Media Company Seeks Plymouth Talent for Online TV Shows

An on-line television executive, whose past successes include overseeing more than 40,000 channels on the internet, has set up TV studios at Plymouth Science Park – with the specific aim of attracting new, local talent to the industry.

Northern Light TV is the brainchild of Kamran Sankey whose background includes work at a number of top on-line studios in Europe.

Kamran has deliberately chosen to locate the company to Plymouth where he can see huge, aspiring talent and believes Northern Light TV will create the potential for a ‘big break’ among the city’s young, aspiring presenters, technicians and producers.

He has built three studios at Plymouth Science Park which will shortly ‘go live’ and, initially, will be providing on-line content about food, technology and make up. It’s expected each of these themed areas will become self-sustaining as investment from advertising is injected into them.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for upcoming presenters, camera operators and young production staff,” says Kamran.


His aim is to continue to build upon Plymouth’s existing reputation for media production through the expansion of his on-line media channels. Kamran visited a number of sites before choosing Plymouth Science Park to host his television studios – all of which are equipped with the latest, cutting edge technology. He was attracted to PSP due to its high level of professionalism, cleanliness and the outstanding level of on-site support.

The opportunity for growth, the close links with Plymouth University and the large number of successful PSP based businesses means there is certainly a bright future for Northern Light TV.

The team also found the location to be perfect as its stunning views of Plymouth combined with the on-site woodland, café, pond and ample parking made it irresistible. If you are interested in learning more about presenting or production opportunities at Northern Light TV, visit: or e-mail:

Northern Light Studio
Northern Light Studio
Northern Light Studio
Northern Light Studio

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