Oasis Group Move to Plymouth Science Park

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  • 18th May 2017

Securing Your Company’s Future with Oasis Group

Keeping all of your offices’ paperwork secure is a vital part of business. OASIS Group, which has just become a virtual tenant at Plymouth Science Park, is a single source partner for all of your information management needs. From secure file and document storage, to business continuity, shredding and media vault facilities.

Providing secure shredding services for documents once they have either been loaded onto their secure digital storage site, or, at a later date, when the owner is happy for them to be destroyed. Records can also be kept securely for an indefinite period.

OASIS group

“We can hold boxed files of archive information or scan information and load it onto the cloud for you – before its safe onsite destruction,” explains Peter Morrell, OASIS Group’s account manager for the south west.

They also have a specialist two-ton safe on-site which can be used to store crucial digital backups for your computer systems – either on disc or tape.

It is a perfect solution for disaster recovery scenarios as the safe itself is air proof, dust proof, waterproof and has a set of inner seals to protect your information.

OASIS Group is an international company with offices in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Holland. The Ashburton team helps more than 100 local firms in area covering Taunton and Yeovil, in Somerset, through to Penzance, in Cornwall.

They have passed all of the required accreditations to be able to ensure exceptionally high levels of security for your business and also for the environment.

“We are delighted to have a virtual prescience at PSP,” says Peter. “We can offer on-site companies storage and destruction facilities and also actively engage with other firms, as the PSP team provides a range of opportunities for businesses, including networking events.”

OASIS Group were also attracted to Plymouth Science Park’s onsite facilities – including the café, with a terraced area overlooking a pond. PSP is set in the convenient location of Derriford surrounded by stunning scenery and spectacular views of the city.