Origin Tickets Ever Expanding Business

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  • 8th May 2017

Origin Tickets Growing Every Year!

Since launching in 2015, Origin Tickets has grown year on year, with 2017 shaping up to be the most successful yet.

Origin Tickets

Launched by Jon Catney, to provide an alternative to big name ticketing providers, Origin Tickets provides seamless and simple ticketing for organisers, as well as providing better value for both organisers and ticket buyers.

In 2015, Origin Tickets started with just a handful of organisers registered to use the platform. Since 2016, the number of organiser registrations has grown dramatically by over 200%. 2017 is set to smash the company’s records even further, with the business projected to grow by 10x. Jon Catney, 27 year old Plymouth University Alumni and CEO of Helm Squared says,

“This has been an exciting couple of years for us. To see a product in a busy marketplace develop into a growing competitor that is gaining traction on a multi-national level is phenomenal.” “We’re not stopping here,” says Jon, the ticket connoisseur, “We have further plans to expand the business. We’re hiring more staff and opening further offices in key locations throughout Europe to maintain our links to the organisers that need our services.”

Origin Tickets’ focus is on providing a personalised service, where event organisers can pop into the office or call the team at any time for support.

The company has a dedicated team working across the UK with bases in Plymouth and Bristol with plans to open offices in Manchester and London before expanding into wider EMEA territories. Origin Tickets prides itself on flexibility, customising and creating feature rich platforms that fit organiser needs – setting it apart from other ticketing platforms.

Origin Tickets parent company Helm Squared, has only 6 staff with the majority Plymouth University Alumni and all under the age of 30. The company recently expanded into a new space on Plymouth Science Park, with an office 3x bigger than its predecessor. It is anticipated that this hyper-growth tech start-up will grow by 8x its current size within the next 6-8 months.