Top Business Growth Academy at PSP

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  • 12th April 2017

Unlock the secrets of how to boost your business at this half day event

  • Have you watched programmes about entrepreneurs and wondered how to turn your company into a major success and, as such, make it to the ‘big time?’
  • Do you run a small, or medium sized firm – but want to see it grow and expand beyond your wildest dreams?

If so, Plymouth Science Park will shortly be hosting The Growth Academy. The half day event, on Thursday 27 April, will unlock the secrets of how to boost your business.

Success go get it

Delegates will learn how to adapt to all important changes and also learn the vital skills to transform a company from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving.’

They’ll be an opportunity to share ‘best practice’ techniques and compile a 90 day plan to help meet targets and keep firms focused on their growing success.

Delegates will also have access to a ‘cloud based’ platform for further learning and development.

And it doesn’t stop there! To help you maintain your focus, there’ll also be opportunities to attend the regular, quarterly workshops – which provide an excellent opportunity for networking and further developing your business acumen.

The event is being managed by Dafferns Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors -which was established in 1896 and has an additional office in Coventry.

The Growth Academy was started in 2015 and, since then, has helped to dozens of small to medium firms to develop a positive, solution focused approach to business.

“Traditional accountants tend to look backwards but we look forwards to encourage people to achieve their potential,” explains organizer Richard Miller, Strategic Services Provider for Dafferns. “The Academy can help people develop their strategies and provide coaching, together with mentoring, to assist with creating a strong skillset.”

Richard has more than 30 years of experience within the business world and the Academy is designed to help delegates establish their own framework to achieve their greatest potential, which, in turn, will benefit their own employees and, more widely, the local business community.

Plymouth Science Park is an ideal location to host the event as its own forward thinking mantra has seen some of the country’s leading science and technological firms become established on the 25 acre site at Derriford.

“Plymouth Science Park is a place where businesses come to grow,” says Richard. “It’s an ideal platform and a great backdrop for the Academy itself as PSP provides an opportunity for businesses to expand in the commercial sector.”

The Growth Academy is a free event. To find out more, contact Richard, via e-mail: