Popular marketing agency expands at PSP

Purple Motion expand through helping SMEs

A bespoke digital marketing company is setting out to provide a helping hand for small and medium companies who are in their infancy. Purple Motion is based at Plymouth Science Park and has built up an exceptional local and national reputation over the past few years.

“It’s sometimes difficult for marketing companies to respond to the needs of smaller firms which may have restricted budgets. High-quality, bespoke digital marketing often comes at a price and not all companies, especially those in their infancies, can stretch their finances to help their growth,” says Lee Nathan, Director of Purple Motion.

Lee is an enthusiastic, passionate local entrepreneur who has decided to explore new ideas and options with the sole aim of being able to help companies grow and blossom – from infancy onwards.

Purple Motion has thoroughly researched and explored the Nettl business structure: a partnership opportunity that would allow them to tap into another demographic of local and national business.

Branded as WebTronic, Purple Motion’s new partnership venture will run alongside their established Plymouth design agency to cater to businesses who need ‘fuss-free’ web design.

It also allows for a number of hosting packages to help keep their growing budgets on track. With plans for fairly steady growth, Lee is hoping that the WebTronic team will soon start to grow, providing fresh employment opportunities in the Plymouth area.

“We’re always looking for ways to help local businesses achieve their ambitions,” says Lee. “But it’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes budgets are quite restrictive. By setting up WebTronic, we’re answering the call of countless local and national SMEs, and helping them to reach the next level.”

This is yet another notable milestone in Purple Motion’s development, as they opened a new office in London at the beginning of 2017.

By adding WebTronic to the Purple Motion family, Lee is positioning the company to be able to help businesses at every stage of their ongoing development.

Lee continues, “It’s a natural, carefully planned progression for our business. By helping out SMEs on tighter budgets, we can help them achieve continued success.”

“Then, when they reach the next natural point of expansion, they will naturally have more budget to play with for bespoke, premium digital marketing, and therefore they’ll gradually grow into a Purple Motion client.”


Contact: Lee Nathan, 01752 764209




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