PSP Running Club Launches

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  • 28th February 2017


A new initiative to help raise money for charity and improve fitness is being launched at Plymouth Science Park.

Around 1000 people work at the Science Park, which hosts facilities for 150 businesses (many of which are predominately focused in the development of science, technology and engineering).

The staff in these firms are being given the opportunity to swop computers for trainers as a group of runners have decided to form their own on-site jogging group. The team want to make the most of the terrain and provide support for people who may want to take up the hobby.

The idea will be to establish a running community at PSP raising cash for charity by entering local events. The first goal for the budding group will be the Plymouth 10K for October this year.

“There are a lot of runners here but the park is so vast so people don’t necessarily know each other and so tend to go out by themselves or in small groups,” says Leigh Cossey-Haggar, who works at PSP as an IT support analyst and who also set up, and runs, the club. “By bringing people together under one umbrella, we hope to see a regular social jogging group become established at PSP.”

Plymouth Science Park covers a staggering 25 acres and has a variety of terrains which is perfect for people looking to improve their fitness levels. PSP boasts fantastic facilities for all companies, including its location which allows for stunning views and plenty of greenery, perfect for a relaxing lunchtime jog!

“There are plenty of steps around the site and it’s also got lots of hills which makes it perfect for interval training. We can use the land to our advantage and so improve personal training techniques for everyone.”

“It means people will be able to build contacts and we can also encourage fitness on the site so encouraging people to become healthier. Exercise can lead to less time off work as people become fitter and it’s good for productivity as exercise is great for mental wellbeing.”

The running club started in February along with Pilates and yoga classes which focus on core strength and flexibility.

Find out more about the classes and clubs here >>

The group will be one of the many benefits already enjoyed by staff at the site which boasts excellent conference facilities and a café with its own terrace overlooking a pond with stunning views of Plymouth.