Stormtide video games take new ground

Stormtide games plan for global orbit closer thanks to PSP

  • Ever wondered what it would be like to launch a satellite?
  • Ever considered what it must take to keep one in space?
  • Have you ever dreamed of seeing the cosmos through the eyes of a man-made machine ‘hovering’ in Earth’s orbit?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ Plymouth entrepreneur James Baxter has captured your vision! His company, Stormtide, is the successful independent video game company behind ‘Satellite Command.’

He has unlocked a magical world where players can explore the wonders of the universe in a realistic computerized environment.

Stormtide Logo
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On-screen simulations are designed to make astrophysics an approachable subject for a wide audience – from school children to university students to adults who’re seeking to ‘escape’ to another world!

“The game has a real astrophysics simulation hidden behind gamification, designed to make astrophysics an approachable subject for a wide audience,” says James.

‘Satellite Command’ takes you into orbit around Earth as you use your very own Space Agency to learn more about the planet and the Solar system. It’s available on Steam, Humble, Amazon and Green Man Gaming for £6.99.

The realistic graphics and physics simulation is based on real data from NASA for an authentic experience – and developed internally with input from top notch space-industry experts.

“The idea behind the game is for you to start in orbit with one satellite and you build up your agency to become bigger and bigger,” explains James. “The mission is based on real data showing Earth and Deep Space phenomena. It was shown at one of the biggest gaming events of 2016 and received rapturous applause. It’s since been played by thousands of people from around the world.”

Plymouth Science Park is delighted to welcome James to the 25 acre site at Derriford – which hosts some of the country’s premier science and technology businesses.

Success for start ups on site is at 95% which is, perhaps, unsurprising as firms have access to a range of excellent facilities, including: ultra-fast broadband, networking opportunities, a fantastic café and ‘breakout’ areas where people can meet to exchange ideas. PSP also has its own terraced area, with pond, which is nestled in woodland with stunning views of Plymouth.


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