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By 11th May 2017PSP In the News

Tech Company Apps to Boost Your Business

A new technology company, based at Plymouth Science Park, is aiming to help businesses capitalize on the opportunities provided by mobile and web applications using the latest emerging technologies. Experts at SUVO have substantial experience delivering innovative applications – with backgrounds ranging from web security and hosting services to developing applications for eHealth, education, transport and construction industries.

“Mobile apps can really help your business needs, For some businesses it’s about allowing customers to make repeat orders with a single tap of a button and letting them collect and track loyalty points. Others are looking to provide a service such as personalized timetables, signposting or event signup. An app lives on your users’ phone, so you can’t get any more connected. Users can access all your important information and services straight from their home screen without the need to navigate to your website and wait for pages to load.”

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“Every app we develop includes standard extras such as including content from your website, instant notifications, secure logins, analytics and more. We’re passionate about the opportunities mobile and web applications provide and are more than happy to give free advice on how to get the most from them.” says Peter Hannon, SUVO co-founder.

SUVO decided to locate to the Derriford based Plymouth Science Park due to the impressive array of on-site facilities – from mentors through to an excellent café and stunning scenery (which includes a pond area and spectacular views overlooking the city).

“Being part of PSP means close proximity to other technology and creative businesses; It was a definite appeal for us and we liked the look and feel of the place which is very social. There’s also lots of opportunities for networking with a dedicated team in place who are excellent at providing first class facilities.” says Peter.

Merika Kindlon, PSP’s Commercial Executive said, “We are thrilled to welcome Suvo to PSP and are excited to see how the company grows and develops with the professional business advice and mentoring they will receive as part of their lease.”


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