Carbon Saving Group

Carbon Saving Group Ltd is a business that helps customers reduce their energy bills from installing the latest renewable technologies, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.  They are committed to helping reduce climate change and fuel poverty.

Cura Design

Cura Design

A biophilic architecture, design and research company creating cutting edge sustainable environments based upon empirical and innovative research.

Education Through Expeditions

Education Through Expeditions (ETE) connects explorers and scientists with schools, inspiring children and adults alike and educating them about the world around them. ETE does this by creating exciting and engaging activities and teaching resources linked to the National Curriculum at all levels for Science and Geography, as well as cross-curricular resources and activities.

Energy & Power Tech Services

Energy & Power Tech Services provides technical services to the solar industry. The installation of solar systems, microgrids, battery storage systems and ventilation.


Intelligence based on boiler control technology which can enable savings of up to 30% on heating costs.


Inacoustic specialise in providing high quality work in the field of acoustics, noise and vibration for residential, commercial, industrial, mineral extraction and infrastructure projects throughout the UK. Email


Kovia offer ongoing asbestos management solutions, bulk sampling services and independent asbestos survey reports for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

PulsiV Solar

Spin out from Plymouth University looking to exploit a technology designed to improve the power take-off from photovoltaic solar panels.

Pure Eco Systems

Pure Eco Systems Ltd

Pure Eco Systems are a UK based leader in the supply and installation of PV Solar Panels for your home and commercial use.

RP Matters

RP Matters are an independent Radiation Protection Advisory service. They provide advice and support to ensure a safe place of work.

Travel South West

South West Public Transport Information

South West Public Transport Information provide comprehensive and impartial public transport information across Great Britain for all models of public transport.

TorEcology logo

Tor Ecology

Tor Ecology is a Devon-based ecological consultancy providing a wide range of ecological services throughout Devon and Cornwall and the UK.

Witt Limited

Witt Limited has developed a technology called the WITT which converts motional energy into electricity. Motional energy is all around us, on land, sea and in the air, and now there is a technology that can capture this motion and convert it into usable electrical power. Witt Limited have global companies working with them to bring their first product – the Marine WITT – into production.