Calling Science Park Cyclists!

By 11th November 2019park news

Do you ever ride out from the science park during the week over lunch?

Join the new Lunchtime Cycling GroupI head out semi-regularly – especially during the winter when it can be the only way to get a weekly ride in the dry. Yes, I am a pretty much a fair-weather cyclist!

Sometimes you want to get out on your own but other times it’s good to have company. To me it is a nice way to meet people, find new routes and get you out exercising when you might otherwise not bother – in essence, what cycling is all about. It’s not just so I can find people to shelter me from the elements – honest!

So I have been toying with the idea of creating an informal email-based network of people at the park who might be interested in joining rides when posted. Nothing formal or complex – no matching tops/fixed routines/riding people off the back etc. Just a group of people you could mail if you wanted when you are heading out and think a bit of company would be nice. Sometimes people won’t respond, other times they will and it might make the ride more fun.

I will also link up with some other cyclists around who I know ride out during the day and might want to join in, of course, you can do the same. If we get a group I will suggest some gentle etiquette over confirming distance, speeds, routes etc. Nothing more complex than that.

If you are interested just send an email to [email protected] and I will take it from there.




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