DC7 Group boost green credentials in the south west

DC7 Group

Boosting the green credentials of companies in the retail and industrial sectors across the south west is the key goal of Plymouth Science Park based company, DC7 Group.

With climate change becoming an ever-increasing threat for the planet, DC7 Group is looking at ways to help reduce the usage of certain types of refrigerant.

‘Some are not only very harmful to the planet but are also incredibly expensive. Thankfully, there are alternatives,’ explains Danny Carroll, Director of DC7 Group.

‘We’re encouraging businesses to move towards more environmentally friendly products, such as natural alternatives, instead of using harmful chemicals. Our recommendations are either completely natural or all have a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential).’

‘We work with a diverse number of clients, everyone from supermarkets to food factories and the catering industry. We’ve found that companies are keen to ‘do their bit’ to support environmental initiatives for the environment and we’re here to help them achieve the goal.’

The region has a huge number of dairy farms which allows for a positive diversification of unique products – everything from cheese to cream. DC7 Group is actively engaging with parts of the industry to help improve chilled storage techniques for specific brands.

‘We’ve seen an increase in the numbers of local businesses working with us to ensure their air conditioning and chilled storage areas are operating efficiently as they stock up on food to meet the demand of an increasing number of people engaging in staycations.’

‘It means hotels are also investing in refurbishments and the current environment provides them with a good opportunity to examine how they’re storing perishable items before looking at possible alternatives which might be more cost effective and efficient.’

DC7 Group is providing management consultancy, advice and guidance for a growing number of businesses across the south west. Plymouth Science Park has been a perfect fit for the business following its recent start up a few months ago.

‘The facilities at Plymouth Science Park are incredible. It’s designed to be user friendly for all sizes of businesses – from international companies to start ups which have full access to meeting rooms and office facilities.’

‘Its location is stunning and the woodland provides an outstanding backdrop for meetings with potential clients. The on-site team are always efficient and helpful plus the parking facilities create a good initial impression for visitors.’

DC7 Group also provides analysis for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems plus supply chain procurement management.




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