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Exploring what it means to be human

22nd July 2018 - 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


The Primal Life Summit brings together the knowledge, experience and philosophies of an expert panel to provide in-depth insights into:

  • How does the brain work?
  • What does it mean to live a good life?
  • Why do we feel the way we do?
  • Is it really possible to control our mind?
  • How do we obtain meaningful human connection?
  • How does spirituality affect consciousness?
  • Do our genes determine the lives we will live?
  • What’s the future of human health?

Join us for an unforgettable event as our speakers deliver the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, genetics, relationships, anthropology, health & wellbeing, biohacking, psychology and spirituality.

Finally we can get some answers to the question we’ve been asking ourselves since our earliest days in childhood to our latest years as adults… ‘Why?’

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9.30am – Registration

Collect your event programme and FREE GIFTS valued at over £20!

10am – Lester Savage: Ancestral Health And Optimal Wellbeing

A mind-blowing exploration into how the brain works, how our caveman ancestors lived, and why we should use these insights to inform our knowledge and actions in regards to our physical and mental health.

10.45am – Dr Rory McGill: *LIVE* Brain Training With Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a way to train brain activity; a form of biofeedback in which subjects respond to a display of their own brainwaves or other electrical activity of the nervous system. It has helped people with the enduring effects of head trauma, as well as with conditions such as anxiety and ADHD, but is more and more commonly used by people wanting to train themselves to obtain certain states of mind. Watch Dr Rory McGill as he demonstrates and discusses how this advanced technology works with live audience participants.

11.30am – Break

Complimentary tea or coffee plus a selection of biscuits.

11.45am – Grace & Alan Chatting: Secrets To A Long And Passionate Relationship

Did you know that 42% of all marriages end in divorce and yet 90% of those divorces are avoidable? This proven and concise three stage approach to relationship recovery helps couples stabilise, recover and build skills that if applied as directed can lead to a high possibility of full recovery of the relationship as well as love, intimacy and connection.

12.30pm – Christa MacKinnon: Expanding Consciousness

Humans have the capacity to expand their perception through altering their mental states and access wider realities within themselves – and without. Spiritual masters receive their teachings in altered states, artists produce their best paintings, music or books in altered states, and even scientists utilise their powers. Christa’s talk will explain altered states of perception, how we can create them intentionally and how we can use them to tap into our vast creativity and underlying knowing, connect with the spiritual, expand our reality and become the ‘more conscious humans’ we need to become if we want to evolve.

1.15pm – Lunch

Time to explore the city centre and grab a bite to eat at one of many fantastic pubs and restaurants nearby.

2.30pm – Genetics Expert (TBA): Understanding DNA & Our Destiny

What if you could control the fate of your future health? What if you could alter the hard wiring of your genetic expression with your behaviour and surroundings? This talk presents the most exciting and up to date epigenetics research and answers the common questions surrounding our DNA, genetic make-up, and pre-determined health.

3.15pm – Lester Savage: Becoming Superhuman

What does it mean to be superhuman? You and I are superhuman if we’re experiencing good mood, confidence, focus, energy, willpower, stress resilience, brainpower, calm, and removal of social anxieties/inhibitions all the time. By understanding, testing and controlling our own biology, we are able to optimise our mental and physical health to consistently experience peak performance. Becoming ‘Superhuman’ is no longer an unrealistic goal. You really can have complete control over your health and happiness.

4.30pm – Finish / After Summit Drinks

Stay for a drink or two with the other attendees for some fascinating conversations surrounding what we learnt throughout the day.

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22nd July 2018
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
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