Expert Insights compare leading cyber security products for businesses

By 1st November 2018park news, PSP In the News

Expert Insights compare leading cyber security products so businesses can make informed decisions

With the growing threat of on-line targeted crime, companies looking to boost on-line security are being given a massive boost by a Plymouth Science Park based firm, Expert Insights.

The team is dedicated to testing and accessing leading security products and providing scores on a number of set criteria, so clients can choose which system suits their needs best anExpert Insightsd so save any ‘guesswork’ when deciding on how best to protect their firm.

“We compare leading cyber security products for business and use expert knowledge to rate services, so clients can see what is the best service for them,” explains Joel Witts, senior analyst at Expert Insights.

“We look at worldwide company portfolios and leading global products in Israel, France, Germany, Canada, USA and the UK. We rate them out of ten in a number of key areas, from how security policies are set through to auditing, reporting and threat protection.”

A growing area of IT security support is centered around ‘awareness training.’ Expert Insights is able to examine a colossal number of products designed to highlight (and train) employees so they aren’t easily ‘scammed’ by would-be fraudsters.

“Employees are being fooled by so-called ‘phishing’ attacks which are getting more and more sophisticated. The products we access will help better your protection and increase security awareness across your organisation.”

Using decades of combined experience, Expert Insights is able to provide its clients with an outstanding breakdown on each leading product and the leading benefits it can provide to different types of business.

“It’s vitally important that firms find the product which is right for them. There’s a lot of spin in the industry. We present from an independent platform and allow a client to see the correct solution for them.”

“We’ve invested a lot of time in researching products using our colossal market knowledge and expertise. As we are completely independent, the client can be assured we are working for them to find the best solution for their IT security requirements.”

Cyber security is becoming an increasing area of concern among businesses as the threats poised by ‘rogue states’ grow and the nefarious effects of malware, such as Ransomware, are constantly highlighted by the media.

“This is a huge issue for companies as more sophisticated attacks are happening on a weekly basis – which can also produce serious data protection issues for firms.”

Expert Insights is able to stay ahead of its competitors as it’s constantly reviewing, accessing and researching future upcoming products (and not just the latest ones to hit the market).

“We’re finding the products which clients will need in the future but currently don’t realise that they do. Cyber security needs to grow to meet the expanding global threat. For instance, most firms currently just have one layer of security but we’re looking at layered security programmes which businesses need to ensure a high level of protection.”

The team recently moved into premises at Plymouth Science Park and say the excellent on-site’s networking opportunities have helped their business grow successfully.

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