ICT Services at
Plymouth Science Park

As part of our continuing commitment to adding value, Plymouth Science Park offers an extensive portfolio of ICT services to its client companies. These include, a broad range of internet connectivity services from superfast broadband to leased lines, on-site Data Centre provision and a multiple telecommunications operator presence. All our units are pre-wired with CAT5e/CAT6* cabling for voice and data needs.


Telephony Services

Park Tenants may subscribe to a range of in-house, business class VoIP telephony lines and services including:

  • Advanced handset provision
  • Voicemail and Conference calling
  • Music/announcements on hold
  • Call routing options such as Automated Attendant menus, hunt groups and Call Centre type setups.
  • Remote access and call control
  • Number porting – both in and out

The Park can also assist with non-geographic number provision (e.g. 0845, 0870 etc.) and subscribers benefit from preferential call rates.

Data Centre and Data Safe

Our on-site Datacentre offers a secure, environmentally protected ICT co-location facility. Protected by resilient air conditioning and UPS plant, CCTV, access control and monitoring systems it allows you to host your own servers and network hardware with peace of mind in a purpose built, high spec environment. In addition to the UPS systems, backup power is provided by a dedicated, high capacity standby diesel generator and the site, building and facility itself are covered by extensive Access Control and security systems.

The Datacentre is home to three telecommunications carriers and has direct fibre presence to a national telco offering on-net access to both Next Generation Data (Cardiff) and Telehouse.

Individual secure sections in our multi-user UL Class 12 fireproof data safe, located separately from the Datacentre are also available should you require secure physical storage for your backup media or other critical components. The Park has multiple duct routes for its own site wide networks and also for incoming services from several telecommunications carriers therefore offering tenants high levels of connectivity choice and resilience whatever their size or needs.

Please contact us if you require more details or would like a tour of the facility.

Wifi HotSpots

Free Wi-Fi is available for visitors and delegates within our meeting rooms, Conference Centre, break-out spaces and the onsite Bistro. We can also provide you with your own secure WiFi which will allow you and your staff to access your office network from various locations across the Park.

Should you have any questions regarding ICT and Data Centre Services, please email the team.

*Speeds are available up to the quoted maximum and are dependant on concurrent network demand.

Plymouth Science Park lends Microshade VSM a prestigious operating address, backed by an enterprise class data centre delivering security, resilience, bandwidth, flexibility and room for expansion, providing service assurance and instilling customer confidence.

The ICT support team at all levels are very knowledgeable, able and willing, providing essential input into our technical development and operations.

Plymouth Science Park offers a complete ICT package of enterprise class infrastructure and first rate support, which enables our small business to punch well above its weight.

David Astwood, Microshade VSM

Fast, broad, and reliable ICT services are critical to the everyday operations here at Aspex. Intensive and fast paced project development requires a permanent connection to remote servers and every night the system delivers 1Gb-3Gb of commercial software product to overseas clients, unsupervised.

The ICT team at PSP is dedicated and strong and we have total peace of mind in their ability to provide both a reliable and flexible service.

I personally love the fact that we do not need to worry about ICT at PSP; a new project arrives, a new developer arrives, and we just plug-in and play.

Nick Sanham, Aspex Software

ICT is a vital resource for our business and the PSP team have always delivered a high level of service in a friendly and approachable manner. The PSP data centre is a top quality facility, providing environmentally controlled and securely monitored space for our hardware; and linked with high speed networking to our office and the world. Both are essential for the smooth operation of our business. The ICT staff are knowledgeable and experienced, and provide prompt and effective support when we need it most. All in all a vital service delivered impeccably.

Dr. Stephen Emsley, ARGANS Ltd

The ICT services at the park offer everything you might need for a growing business and the support provided has been extremely useful and hassle free.

Amy Hatswell, Wolf Minerals