Family Album App Wins Top Award at PSP

A team of entrepreneurs are celebrating success having been awarded a chance to grow and enhance their business at the prestigious Formation Zone, based at Plymouth Science Park.

MemoryPad is a closed, social networking app which allows for the secure and safe sharing of family moments which can record a child’s development from birth onwards. The concept is aimed primarily at parents together with their nearest and dearest.

Military families will benefit as it allows them to be able to watch their offspring grow and to share in small, but special, moments that otherwise they may never see.

MemoryPad were the winners at the recent Techstars Startup weekend, which saw people meet for the first time and subsequently network before collaborating over the course of the two-day event.

‘We’re over the moon to have won,’ says Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, one of the five strong team and CEO of MemoryPad. ‘I had the idea for MemoryPad six months ago but didn’t know how to implement it until I met the other members of the group.’

‘I really wanted to create something which would develop the mental wellbeing of parents following the birth of children. MemoryPad is designed to connect to the people closest to you so they can share in aspects of the birth and growth of your child.’

‘It focuses on mindfulness and the chance to live life at a slightly slower pace. It provides a safe, ethical platform which allows for the family to develop a virtual ‘scrapbook’ together – even if they live far apart.’

The app is designed to better the mental wellbeing of new mothers and their partners. Rosie is a professional clinical psychologist who drew her inspiration from the concept of ‘mindful photography,’ whereby a picture captures a key moment in your life and becomes a positive reminder for the happy emotions you experienced at the time.

‘It can be anything. It could be your daughter enjoying her breakfast and that special smile can make all the difference to your day. These images help us to appreciate the little things which add up to an appreciation of life and those around us.’

The top prize for winning the event was the chance to base themselves in the new Formation Zone at Plymouth Science Park.

This dedicated business incubator is designed to support and help positive growth of a business concept and delivers opportunities for training, collaboration and networking. It provides a safe, nurturing space for business ideas to grow, with easy access to advice, support and infrastructure, such as superfast broadband, meeting rooms and a wealth of other on-site facilities.

As part of MemoryPad’s prize package, Plymouth Science Park has provided four spaces within the Formation Zone for the next six months, to help them continue to develop and market their concept.

‘There are some amazing businesses at PSP and being on site allows us to start conversations with them so leading to an exchange of positive ideas and concepts that lead to further growth,’ says Rosie.

The Techstars event is supported by PSP together with the Real Ideas Organisation and the EPIC project at the University of Plymouth.