How MemoryPad started

By 13th June 2019park news

Rosanna Gilderthorp shares her story of how MemoryPad started and their plans for the future.

“I first had the idea for MemoryPad six months ago when I was talking to a client suffering from postnatal depression.  She, like me, was a new mum with very little family around her and a partner that worked away much of the time. Together we had been using mindfulness to help her deal with the feelings of loneliness and anxiety that were a big part of her life. Together we had found a way of bringing mindfulness into her life, through the taking and curating of photographs of her children. This not only helped her to appreciate the precious moments of family life but also helped her to connect with her partner when she sent him the phonebooks she had created. The impact on her wellbeing was noticeable. The only trouble was finding the time to do it all.

I started thinking “there should be an app for that…”

“So I took the kernel of the idea to the Plymouth Start Up Weekend and asked if anyone else thought it should exist… They did! Before I knew what had happened I had a team with technical, design and business skills helping me turn my vision into something that could become reality. The weekend passed in a blur of creative energy, inspirational advice from expert coaches and coffee. I was amazed by what we achieved that weekend and winning the pitching competition at the end, including a place at the Formation Zone in the Plymouth Science Park, was a fantastic way to celebrate what already felt like a huge achievement.

“We left the weekend with a clear vision. MemoryPad is an app that makes it easy for parents to connect and parent mindfully. At its core it is an app for ethical, safe photo sharing within a secure, closed network and the easy creation of beautiful print products but I see it as a lifeline between parents and close family and friends who cannot be together as much as they would like due to the demands of modern living.”

They are now looking for investment, either of money or skills, to get the app developed and onto peoples’ smartphones. If you are interested in joining this project in any way please contact [email protected]



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