Louise’s Charity Skydive

Louise Charity Skydive For the British Lung Foundation

On the 30th September 2018 PSPs very own Louise Jane will be taking part in a Charity Skydive as part of a group for the British Lung Foundation in memory of her Dad, who unfortunately passed away last year of COPD and lung failure.

Louise says, “This was a huge shock to us all, so I would love to raise money for this amazing charity. Lung Disease is one of the top three killer diseases in the UK with around 10,000 people being diagnosed every week and lung disease is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths in the UK each year.

My dad was such a strong man and an absolute trooper the whole way through his short battle with the illness. I have always wanted to do something big for charity, so doing it in memory of my Dad seems like the perfect opportunity. However, my Dad always knew I was too clumsy and lazy for running, so I feel skydiving is the best option.

Raising money for this amazing charity will help raise awareness and the vital funds they need in order to help thousands of people by researching the causes of lung disease, the improvement of diagnostics and future treatment and cures. Every penny helps and any donation is greatly appreciated.

Please take a few minutes to look at my just giving page.”


Shine bright Dad, forever and always Daddy’s little girl.

Donate Here

There is also a charity box in the PSP reception area.


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