National Plants at Work Week, 9-13 July 2018

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National Plants at Work Week celebrates the benefits of plants in the workplace

Next week (9-13 July) is National Plants at Work Week, when businesses across the UK celebrate the many benefits of plants in the workplace. It is run by the national industry body [email protected] and there is a wide range of activity planned.

During the week, Urban Planters (PSP’s chosen supplier) will be busy on social media, helping to spread the word on how office plants can transform the look and feel of a room as well as bring a whole host of health benefits to those working near them.

For example, research into indoor plants has proven that plants:

  • improve the efficiency of the workplace
  • reduce absenteeism
  • improve the quality of air and the environment in general
  • improve productivity and creativity
  • reduce noise levels
  • lower stress levels
  • conserve energy by creating a micro-climate
  • give structure to an office area and help to guide people around the space

What’s more, just one plant can make a difference, so we really can improve workplaces one plant at a time.

Plymouth Science Park is committed to providing a healthy, productive and inviting workplace, an ethos which is becoming ever more popular in the corporate world. With your help, we hope we can get more businesses to appreciate the many ways that plants breathe life into our workplaces and we look forward to seeing and reading your updates.

More information on National Plants at Work Week can be found here:

Plants at Work
Plants at Work

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