New social enterprise provides girl-to-girl mental health mentoring

Big Sis C.I.C. is a brand-new Devon based social enterprise supporting young girl’s mental health through physical and emotional literacy campaigns and practical support programs.

There is a mental health crisis in the UK which particularly affects young women.

According to Big Sis, one in eight young women between the ages of 17 and 19 self-harms or attempts suicide, and girls are three times more likely to suffer from depression than boys. Many of the problems that so badly affect teenage girls have their roots in the transition from childhood through puberty.

Big Sis aims to support young girls through the pre-puberty stage, and equip their immediate support networks  (parents, carers, teachers and schools) with resources and useful information around growing up through workshops and programs. 

Big Sis C.I.C. has started a Crowdfunder campaign to help young girls to cope with anxiety through a unique girl to girl mentoring program. Find out more about the campaign and pledge your support here.