Phase 5 Expansion?

By 16th August 2013plymouth

On the park we work in phases, Phase 1 is the reception building and Phase 4 is the Bistro/Scott development. We currently have 4 phases at the park and we are exploring a different “design and build” concept for Phase 5. As our tenant businesses expand they reach a point where there is no more space on the park to accommodate their growth and one option they will consider is to buy their own office space elsewhere. This makes financial sense and is a reflection on the success of the park in helping to grow our tenants from start up to mature businesses.

The concept is to build Phase 5 as a unit that offers space that can be bought outright by tenants or other businesses, and the balance of space used as rental units similar to the existing phases. The park has four sizeable plots that can still be developed and Phase 5 would probably be built on the plot adjacent to the traffic lights. We shall be presenting the outline plan to the Board in September so watch this space for more details.

Thank you for all those who have expressed a view so far, I would be happy to hear any other thoughts on this subject. Contact [email protected]


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