Rowe IT Develops Cutting Edge Software

RoweIT develops cutting edge software to help businesses and government departments consistently hit key targets

A high-tech IT company is expanding its operational base at Plymouth Science Park following its growing success in helping businesses and government departments consistently hit key targets.

Rowe ITcutting edge software from RoweIT specialises in software engineering, cloud transitioning and consultancy services for firms seeking expert solutions in these areas. Its diverse portfolio of clients ranges from NATO and the Ministry of Defence through to central government and private companies.

Rowe IT has a unique and flexible approach to business which has allowed it to build strong working relationships across a broad network of clients over the past ten years. The team use a ‘hive’ philosophy to ensure their success through a broadly linear structure of working.

“Every voice is valued,” explains Company Director, Paul Rowe, who works alongside 11 other IT experts. “We’ve developed a culture of ‘team working’ whereby each individual can benefit the whole unit with their knowledge and insight.”

“Our working practices allow us to develop new cutting edge software for our clients, which help them to achieve their business goals. Our ethos ensures a strong emphasis on best practice.”

The company moved to Plymouth Science Park 18 months ago and were initially attracted to the site by its ‘buzz’ and by its strong links to the University of Plymouth.

“PSP has given us the confidence to grow,” says Hannah Rowe, Manager. “It wants companies on the site to succeed and, as such, they provide encouragement for a business to expand.”

cutting edge software from RoweITRowe IT is rapidly becoming the ‘go to’ specialists in a variety of key IT areas – from software integration to developing cutting edge programming. Its consulting service allows the team to work alongside a client to implement change to maximise efficiencies.

They also specialise in building solutions which enable data to be easily and securely accessed by collaborating systems from other organisations.

“It’s important for departments and companies in the public and private sector to be able to share data with others, which is not only secure, but also allows the systems to speak the same language to each other,” says Paul.

“The advent of Cloud computing has been one of the more significant changes in the IT industry over the past ten years. We help organisations to move to secure cloud-based platforms which allow for a faster and more cost-effective service.”

Security is a key component of Rowe IT’s corporate DNA and the team secures the integrity of all its design work from the foundations through to the completed project.

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