Shield Media Services look into micro plastic pollution

Managing Director, Jamie Haigh from Shield Media Services has recently been on an exciting expedition to the Arctic to look into micro plastic pollution around the ocean and coastline.

He was part of the film crew, documenting the expedition. Sail Against Plastic is a collaborative sailing expedition investigating and unveiling invisible pollution in the Arctic ocean.

Jamie is appearing in Drone Magazine UK with an article due to be released in August’s edition. BBC Spotlight have also taken an interest to the voyage and ran an interview piece on the 19th July which featured some of Jamie’s footage and stills from the trip.

The company who own the ship Jamie was living on during his period in the arctic have invited him back to document a subsequent voyage in Norway. There is also the possibility for various ongoing international projects for him.

Read more about the expedition in Drone UK Magazine
micro plastic pollution
micro plastic pollution
micro plastic pollution

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