Tiannengbo optimises their latest Mining Chip with Moortec’s Temperature Sensor IP

By 10th September 2018PSP In the News

Tiannengbo optimises their latest Mining Chip using Moortec’s Embedded Temperature Sensor

Moortec, providers of complete In-Chip Monitoring PVT Subsystems announced today that Tiannengbo Information Technology have utilised Moortec’s Temperature Sensor IP to optimise performance and increase reliability in their latest mining ASIC.

MoortecAs a company Tiannengbo’s main focus is on chip and system design, production and sales. The company also specializes in blockchain research and development including digital currency product process, including chip design, embedded software and in the case of this project, circuit design for mining hardware.

Mining any type of crypto-currency is highly intensive in terms of CPU activity and requires ever increasing levels of computing power. This increased power consumption requires more electricity and this leads to much higher levels of heat generation. As a result real time temperature monitoring systems are necessary to allow for power optimization.

In-chip embedded temperature sensors help extend device lifetimes and provide protection through the enablement of shutdown schemes, the latter being as a result of rising temperatures from sudden increases in dynamic CPU load profiles. Embedded temperature sensors can also be used to to measure the relative rise and fall of temperature in specific areas of the chip.

“We have further optimized system to provide more efficient product to our customer based on stable and accurate temperature sensors from Moortec.” Said Lulu Liu, Design Director of Tiannengbo. Moortec CEO Stephen Crosher said “We are pleased to be able to support innovative companies like Tiannengbo who are pushing the limits in not only the digital imaging space but also circuit design for a number of applications including mining”.

“Tiannengbo understands the importance of monitoring the relative temperature fluctuation in such high performance ASIC technology and we are proud to support their project with our highly accurate, highly featured Embedded Temperature Sensor IP”


For more information contact [email protected], call +86 10 56252709 or visit the company’s website: www.tiannengbo.com


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