Working with the NHS: PEPPOL and its implications

By 5th September 2019park news

Working with the NHS: PEPPOL and its implications: An Update

NHS PEPPOLAs you may be aware from previous articles in this magazine, and from general knowledge of PSP Businesses, here at EDI Plus we deal with all form of Electronic Data Interchange. This includes PEPPOL which has been mandated by the Department of Health for all document exchanges within NHS England as part of its SCAN4SAFETY initiative.

While the take-up of PEPPOL by NHS Trusts and other bodies has been slower than originally anticipated, adoptions among the Purchasing bodies finally seem to be picking up speed. This is effectively being led by NHS Supply Chain who are closing existing methods of document exchange other than PEPPOL from the end of September 2019. We expect this to be followed fairly quickly by a number of NHS Trusts and other bodies leading, probably, to a ‘domino effect’ whereby all Trusts are fully PEPPOL compliant by mid-2020.

All this means that if you are a supplier to the NHS – regardless of how large or small, or in what ‘sector’ (Pharmaceutical, Food, Equipment, Stationery, etc) – you will need to become PEPPOL compliant pretty soon. And if you trade with NHS Supply Chain, compliance is required by 30th September 2019.

So, if you fall into the category of trading with the NHS, or if you want to know more about PEPPOL or EDI generally, please give us a call, or drop us a line…or pop into our office for a chat. And feel free to pass this on to other parties who may be interested.


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